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Qualified Retirement Plans


The cutting edge of qualified retirement plan implementation 

and maintenance.

Our qualified retirement plan designs are not the cookie cutter, one size fits all plans used by most retirement plan service companies. Your company and its employees are not like any other. You shouldn't be forced into checking boxes to determine how your qualified retirement plan will function for your future. Through in-depth review of your work force and business operations, we are able to implement a plan which more intimately reflects the aims and goals for your company, your employees, and your own future.  


In Integrated Retirement Plan Solutions you gain a partner in your future. 

Cash Balance Pension Plan


The Cash Balance Pension Plan is a powerful tool in promoting the financial security of company owners. This plan is a hybrid defined benefit plan, which is not subject to the same low maximum contribution limits as a defined benefit plan.  The Cash Balance Pension Plan allows owners to accumulate approximately $2.6 million in retirement plan savings after 10 years of plan maintenance, in addition to the company's deduction of these contributions.


The hybrid nature of the plan is due to the fact that it shares certain features of a traditional pension plan but plan benefits are tracked individually for each participant, similar to a profit-sharing plan.

Profit-Sharing Plan


The Profit-Sharing Plan is a qualified retirement plan which allows employees and owners to share in a portion of the profits that a company earns in the form of tax deferred retirement savings.


These plans are limited both in the level of benefit a single participant can accrue and the level of contribution a company can make and deduct. Through the use of our recommended designs, prototype and volume submitter plans can often times be made significantly more flexible to accommodate an owner's goals, especially in conjunction with our Cash Balance Pension Plan.

401(k) Plan



The 401(k) Plan is a qualified retirement plan which allows employees and owners to defer a portion of their compensation and defer tax on the principal and earnings until a future date. Employers may match a portion of employee deferrals, if the employer so chooses.


Existing prototype plans can usually be made significantly more flexible and efficient if they are converted to one of our recommended designs.

Employee Stock Ownership Plan


The Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP)  is a qualified retirement plan characterized by its ability to reward employees with business ownership and provide a business succession plan by providing a market for closely-held, non-publicly-held securities.


We design ESOPs to ensure that the owners of closely-held businesses can implement a business succession plan in a manner that is both tax-preferred and ensures that they can maintain control over the company while mentoring the next generation to take a management role.

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