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About Us

Integrated Retirement Plan Solutions, LLC is a full service qualified retirement plan consulting company committed to helping you achieve your retirement planning goals.  Through the use of our individually-designed qualified retirement plans, we provide the vehicle by which owners of closely-held businesses are able to ensure financial security for both themselves and that of their employees.


We are unique from most retirement plan service companies in that we provide full turn-key service.  Through our team of attorneys*, actuaries, consultants, and professionals we are able to design, implement, and maintain qualified retirement plans which are created to address the unique challenges presented by closely-held businesses.  With us, there is no need to engage separate service providers to implement, maintain, and update your qualified retirement plan.  We are able to provide the most efficient retirement plan maintenance by administering everything under one roof.  This integrated model allows unparalleled responsiveness to any concerns or issues  you may encounter.


Our proprietary individually-designed plans allow owners of closely-held businesses to maximize their tax savings and retirement savings at a very low cost due to the flexibility in our designs.  All of our designs are submitted to the IRS as part of our initial implementation of the plans, and we have been issued favorable Determination Letters on every design that we have developed for our customers to date.


*DISCLAIMER: Integrated Retirement Plan Solutions, LLC employs attorneys for the services it provides to its customers; however the Company is not a law firm and does not provide legal services to its customers. The engagement of the Company does not create an attorney client relationship with the Company or with the individual employees of the Company. Communications between the Company or the Company’s employees and its customers are not protected by attorney client privilege or attorney confidentiality. However, we do intend to keep all information we receive from our customers confidential to the fullest extent possible and will not share such information without prior consent.


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